Sunday, December 28, 2008


Whew.......what a busy couple of days for us. First we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with my grandmother and Uncle Carl at Carraba's. My sister and niece were able to come this year. After dinner we drive around and look at Christmas lights on houses. Evan says this is the funnest part of the night. When we got home we left out our cookies , took a few pics by the tree and headed for bed. I did not have to spend the whole night wrapping gifts because my sister came over earlier in the day and wrapped them all for me. Well...all the boys gifts. That was a huge relief for me. Aren't sisters wonderful beings to have around. I suggest you all get one.

On Christmas day the boys were awake especially early. Trey ripped through all his gift opening while Evan went slowly. It was fun to watch. Zane did not get as much as his brothers so he went more slowly and savored his toys. For the rest of the day until early evening the boys played with everything and daddy took a looonng Christmas nap. Then in the evening we went to my MIL house for Christmas with the family. It was nice to see everyone we do not see regularly.

Then on Sunday we spent the day with my family at my grandmothers house celebrating Christmas. I love my family. They were especially nice with the gifts this year for my kiddies(and DH and myself). We ate lunch, played games and just relaxed with each other. It was a really good day. I wish everyone a family like mine that you can just be yourself and relax.

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Andrea said...

Sounds like a great day...good for you and yours! Happy New Year!! Looks like the kids will have lots to keep them busy!