Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread House

This has become an annual thing in the Hydock household during the Christmas season. Decorating a gingerbread house. The boys really seem to like it. This was the first year Zane got into the action. Trey and Evan decided to each take a side of the roof, house and either the front or back and decorate. Evan let Zane decorate with him. Next year I may have to get a gingerbread tree as well so Zane can have his own gingerbread to decorate.

For those that remember last year and our slowly disappearing gingerbread house. I assure you this house is put high up away from greedy animals.

Trey's roof and side of house.

Trey's back of house.

Evan and Zane's front of house. The gingerbread girl on the right is Trey's while the left side is Evan's and Zane's.

Evans and Zane's roof and side of house.


Debbie said...

Very nice...Our's turned into Gingerbread (cracked) cookies, nicely decorated. While the roof was setting, the girls did a little ra-pa-pa-pa on my counter, roof slid and that about ends that story! I never seem to have great luck with those and I am envious on those that do...LOL!

Melodie said...

Did you bake that gingerbread or buy a kit?