Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Happenings

There have been a few things we have done this Holiday season that I have not blogged about.

First we went to Christmas Lane twice. The first time we went it started to drizzle and Santa was not there that evening. So I got a few pics and we headed home. We went again last night. Santa was there along with carolers and dozens of people. The boys enjoyed themselves. Evan is officially too tall for the train ride and that made him sad. Especially when Trey kept reminding him. But he lived through it and he understands.

A few weeks ago we went to Walk Through Bethlehem with our friend Karen and her kids. This has become a family tradition. It is nice to remember why we have Christmas in the first place. The kids seems to understand the ideas more and more each year.

There was a tour bus set up at Walk Through Bethlehem this year. Karen and I investigated what was happening we discovered something very unique and everlasting. The bus was with Bible Across America. This group is publishing a handwritten Bible in the Fall of 2009. Karen, Evan and I were able to contribute to this project. Evan was happy he was able to write a verse. I will let you all know when the Bible comes out.

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