Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun at the Zoo #9

It is Veterans Day here in sunny Florida and that means no school for my boys. We headed to the zoo. The other two boys that tagged along are the kiddies I watch after school. Considering I had five boys with me ranging in ages from 3yr to 8yr it was not a bad day with them at all. I was expecting chaos and craziness. But they surprised me and behaved like gentlemen. I am teaching them oh so well....LOL!
The zoo was more crowded than usual but not as bad as I predicted. We got there when they opened and left about 1pm. Many people were entering as we left.

Those Meerkats are so exciting to watch.

Up close and personal with the Giraffe.

The Siamang monkey was very interested in those ducks.

But when he tried to touch them they quickly scurried away. Smart ducks!

A rare sighting.........The white tiger was playing in the water with a ball. I immediately thought of you Karlise. I know how much you love the Big Cats. So these pics are especially for your enjoyment.

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Melodie said...

White tigers are my favorite animals! Did you see on the news where they have a set of white tiger cubs at the Miami Zoo that have been "adopted" by a chimpanzee? So cute!

Heather said...

We were there too! Gorgeous day! I wish we had seen the monkey and ducks. Too cute!

Monkeys Mommy said...

Our kids had school on Veterans Day...not as lucky as you all in Florida. And your weather looks gorgeous and warm! You have definitely made the most of your zoo membership, I wish we did! 5 boys at the zoo all by yourself - I'm impressed!!!