Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christians Unite!!

I am proud to say I am a member of BayLife Church. The church does many amazing things over the course of a year. Two that are dear to my heart are the homeless and the needy in our local area.

BayLife is the founding church for a project called Feed The Bay. This year we have fourteen plus churches involved in the event. On November 23 all the participating church members will go to their local grocery store and purchase food items for our local food banks. It is such an amazing site to behold when dozens of families take over the grocery stores in the name of love for their fellow man.

Another area BayLife Church has become involved with is feeding the homeless. Several churches in the area help through the means of providing food, clothing and medical assistance to the growing population of homeless. The I Am Hope Cafe is a place where I hope to volunteer my time in the near future along with my children.


Debbie said...

I Am Hope Cafe is becoming very popular. A few members from my church had participated in the building of this Cafe. What I really like is that so many area church, no matter what demonination, have participated. My husband and I also want to help out there in the future. Last year, we helped Christine Princkley's shelter on Christmas Day. There is nothing (besides my family) more rewarding than helping others...

Andrea said...

That cafe is a great place. I have volunteered there and I am involved in the Homeless Ministry at our church too. There is another cafe that feeds the homeless/needy also but I have not helped there yet. I am organizing some of the kindergarteners in Matthew's class to bake Christmas cookies that we'll be giving to the homeless & needy along with the mid-december bag lunches we make. You'll love volunteering there, Jen!