Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Circus Is In Town

The boys got a great gift from their wonderful uncle. Circus tickets. Uncle Carl saw the tickets go a sale in November. The seats were right in front. The venue was the yellow track of Ringling Brothers Circus. It was called Illuscination. It was slightly different than the traditional three ring circus most of us are used to. I was much more pleased with the one ring and more personal attention we got at this venue. The kids loved the circus. A definite must see again!!!

Trey and Zane got to hold a parrot before the show. The parrot is curious about the sillybandz on Trey's wrist.

Evan trying out the tight rope prior to the show.

The "real" tight rope walkers.

These ladies are held up by their HAIR ONLY!!! Can you say ouchie!

The lion tamer. very scary stuff!

The man jumped through a fire ring!


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Scarlett said...

Ya gotta let us know when Uncle Carl gets these tix next time, Jen, and we'll go too!!! We love the circus. We usually go to St. Pete Times Forum, but I like the idea of a smaller arena. I'm sure you got to see a lot more.