Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello SeaWorld...Old Friend

One of the greatest gifts we got for Christmas was from Grandma and Granpdap Donker. It was a year pass for the family to SeaWorld. We love this place. Many people I know do not think this park is worthy of a year long pass. Too boring, no excitement and nothing like the "other" local theme park. But to my kids......SeaWorld rocks!! It helps that they love love love animals...and can watch them for a long time and not get bored. Evan loves the Polar Bears. Mommy loves the Beluga Whales and Trey loves the dolphins. The jury is still out on what Zane likes. He was enthralled with the whole park and kept saying he loves this and loves that. And what does daddy like?? I might have to ask him that when he gets back from his bike ride...I know bad wife.

We first used our passes on New Years Eve. The boys have off from school this coming friday and I am hoping we can go back. So you all know what to expect this year on my blog world.....SeaWorld pics and posts! Oh Yea....exciting stuff around here.

No nothing is wrong with my camera. It was "fake snowing" at SeaWorld that night. But not too cold for ice cream.

Santa was at the Polar Express. And what a great Santa he was. Did I mention I love SeaWorld.

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Heather said...

Enjoy your pass. How wonderful!