Friday, February 19, 2010

February Happenings

February is not yet over and I am so so tired and stressed of the month. I need a new month and a new start. I am so afraid of what next week may bring. I think we should all just stay here in Friday land and never return. Let me recap the last two weeks. Please try to stay with me and do not cry. The Hydocks are survivors!!!

First we found out we have termites. I know such a common thing in Florida but we were caught off guard. Yucky bugs in my bathroom and closets walls. They even ate a very tiny hole through the closet. I could see those little vermin's. Can I say yucky again!! So now we must put out much hard earned cash for getting rid of them and keeping them away forever. Then we have to fix the damage they have done. Not a cheap endeavor might I add.

Big Red(our Expedition) broke down. I love my car and do not want a new one. It is paid for and it hardly looks worn even though it is ten years old. Lucky for us hubby has a cousin that can fix Fords. But not without a major cost. It would have been an even bigger expense to go elsewhere. Thanks Little Stevie.

Next in the week of beloved Big Red was broken into(the lock broken) and my purse stolen. Okay now...please do not yell at me for having my purse in the car. The car was locked and the purse was hidden(so I thought) under the passenger seat. The police think the strap must have been showing. And the car was parked in my child's school parking lot(I was working that day). God was with me that day. He kept me one very small step ahead of the thief(or thieves). They only made one small $20 gas purchase before the card was cancelled. I was able to cancel everything else but not without the bad bad men trying to use them....multiple times over and causing me much pain. I felt very victimized by this event. I felt vulnerable. Something I never want to feel again. It is not my personality. I have to say though I got through the trauma with the help of four of the most wonderful, best friends a girl could ever have. And hubby.....he was valiant at times. My girlfriends read into a message I left one of them and knew I was off....very off. One girlfriend even gave me one of her Vera bags since I lost mine. AHHHHH!!!!!!! So now I am picking up the pieces of my lost belongings. Until you ever lose the entire contents of your purse you may never know how attached to things we are. My purse carried my life!! I miss my things.

Now on to the next event. Our plumbing went out AGAIN!!! Another major expense to my already overextended budget. (I am not rich!! Just thought I would add that in case something else wants to break and cost me an arm and a leg. I am tapped out.) We found out we have very long sewer pipes that are not straight but very curvy and old. So nothing ever will get flushed into the toilet except #1 and #2. No exceptions!!! So if you ever come to my home ladies....please be very aware. The clean up was horrible might I add. Thank goodness for bleach.

And to put all these issues into stepfathers forty something son found out he has colon cancer. He is a survivor and will fair well through his trials. No doubt!! My issues are trivial compared to his life. I am just going through some small scratches in my life compared to his big hurdle. Nothing like a slap in the face to show me what is more important. Family, Friends and Good Health to enjoy life.

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