Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainbow Springs

After tubing.

Last weekend was Evan's 9Th birthday so the family(along with Aunt Leslie and Haley) headed to Rainbow Springs for some fun in the sun......and tubing. Yes...I said tubing. We don't get to do this activity much in Florida. The alligators tend to get in the way. But if you can find some nice springs well then go ahead and tube. Alligators do not like the cold spring waters. My friend Julie actually found the Springs and tubing. Evan and Trey were eager to try them out since they had gone tubing in Georgia with Haley. Rainbow Springs was a gorgeous place. The water was blue and cool. The spring river was clear and very calm. We will definitely return to this place.

the boys at one of the waterfalls

The Springs. The people jump into the water off a dock. the water is deep so the people are floating on noodles. The kids went into the water but could not enjoy it due to the deep water.

Haley in the springs. Look how clear the water can see her body underneath the water.

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