Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beginning and End....As I Know It!!!

Zane started preschool on Monday. I was and still am a bit sad about my last baby going to school. I am sad that my little companion, my last child attached to my hip has moved on in life to bigger and better opportunities. This is expected but makes me cry thinking about him growing up.

Since all my girlfriends have kiddies in either school or preschool now we all decided to get together and have a breakfast at Mimi's. Then we went thrift store shopping. It was nice to spend the morning hanging with my gal pals. They made me feel better with Zane leaving. I was very reluctant to go....i wanted to wallow in my sadness. But I went due to peer pressure(I was the ONLY one not going) and am so glad. Thanks ladies for helping me survive!!

Zane(at sneak peek) and his teacher Ms. Jan

Zane and one of his bestest friends, Noah. They are not in the same class due to mommy. I want Zane to have the teacher Noah has now next year when Zane attends Westminster again. Yes.....he will be two years in preschool.

First day photos!

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Andrea said...

I feel your pain! But sounds like a nice outing. I miss doing things like that - breakfast out.....I will have to plan something like that myself!