Friday, September 18, 2009

Disney On Ice

About two weekends ago my Uncle and Grandmother took the boys(for their bdays) and myself to see Disney On Ice in Lakeland. It was a really fun evening. The boys had no idea where they were going. It was not my surprise so I did not tell. Once we arrived in Lakeland, Zane saw a billboard for Disney On Ice and kept pointing and saying he wanted to go. Evan and Trey ignored Zane and never saw the billboards. I kept telling Zane soon, soon. After many guesses my uncle finally told the boys once we arrived. Since they have never seen an ice show they had no idea what to expect. you guessed it...they loved the show. The theme was Celebrations. They had birthday, Valentines Days, Halloween(which was the best), Christmas, vacation, and a few others I now forget. As always Disney put on an awesome show. It makes me miss visiting Disney.

The Birthday Celebration

The Dancing Brooms. Loved it!

Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite!

Mickey and Minnie during the Valentines Day Celebration

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