Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reflecting Back

I was neglectful at times of posting things my kiddies did at school and around town. So here I am looking back and reflecting on what a fun time the boys had.

Trey made a rocket ship with daddy for space month. They had a blast deciding what to do and how to do it.

Field Day at school. It was HOT but fun.

Easter Bunny at school. I had a friend with a bunny costume but it was short so I could not wear it. I asked my shorter friend to wear it and walk around school(for two days) going from classroom to classroom hopping around and taking pics. I assisted of course...I did not leave her hopping alone. The kiddies loved it!!!

Between all the rain and school work..the boys got to play with friends. Water was usually the main ingredient.

Zane played Tball with friends.

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AmySue73 said...

At least someone takes and posts pics of my kids, LOL! And I'm so proud of Evan... he did an awesome job at his school musical performance!