Friday, June 5, 2009

The End

School is over(at least for another year)!!!

My middle baby, Trey, has completed sad for me...exciting for him. Evan will be starting 3rd grade. Can you believe it? He is getting so big. Zane will be starting preschool this Fall. Oh my the Hydock household will be changing this Fall. But first we have to push through summer. And reflect on the past school year.

Evan became an avid reader the last half of the school year. Something I have been wishing for him(and all my boys......a love of reading). He quadrupled his AR goal this last quarter. He played baseball in LL for winter and spring ball. He has cemented friendships with a few boys. I plan to have the boys over during summer.

Evan with his friends.

Trey turned out to be a ladies man in kindergarten. All the girls loved him. He gravitated toward the girls more during playtime. The boys were all too rough for him. There was one little boy he liked but he moved away(very suddenly) in March. Trey was sad he left. Trey not only learned to read but moved ahead very quickly in this skill.

Trey and friends

Zane continued speech but was moved to the public school system with speech since he turned three. He adapted nicely to a new teacher and environment. He goes to speech at the same school with his brothers. He thinks he is a regular student at the school. Many kids in the hallway know Zane from his brothers or speech class. They all say hello to him, hug him and play with him. Zane is a popular preschooler at elementary school.

Zane...ready to swim and play with his speech teacher.

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