Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Time

The day started out rainy.....well stormy is more like it. But we had beach plans with friends and Haley. Nothing would get in the way. I never get Haley(alone) and I was determined it would be a good day. When we arrived at the beach it was raining. So we headed down a bit further and what do you know??? No rain, and the sun was attempting to come out. So we planted out chairs near the water and said.....beach here we be good. And it was.

Haley attempting to use a skim board.

The kiddies jumping over the high waves

The girls relaxing. Scarlett is due in 12 days. Doesn't she look awesome!


Debbie said...

Great pics...I love the first one...I guess everyone was suppose to make mean faces and Zane is just looking like "What are you guys doing???"...Very cute...

Karlise said...

And Amy with cigarette in hand. Ugh! Stop Smoking Amy!!

Glad you guys had fun!