Tuesday, April 7, 2009

End of Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Day three of Spring Break 2009. DH and I took the boys to Epcot and Hollywood Studios for the last time. Our passes expire on Thursday. Who knows when we will get passes again. They are quite expensive especially now that we have to pay for Zane. Hopefully in a few more years we will get them again....maybe when Zane is five or six..

Anyway.......the day was fun. The weather was overcast, windy and slightly cool(until the evening when it turned cold) which made for a great day. It rained while we were waiting inside the Toy Story ride so that worked out perfect. The only complaint John and I had about the day was the amount of people. Most fastpasses ran out by 11/11:30am. We got a fastpass at 11am for 6pm for the Soarin ride. Very ridiculous. We waited over an hour for the Toy Story ride. Normally we would not do this but since it was our last day we let the boys ride their favorite and what they wanted to show daddy(since he rarely goes with us to Disney).

My favorite part of the day was the flower and garden show at Epcot. I am always amazed at what they can do with a topiary.

Epcot had a butterfly and Fairy Pixie garden. Trey loved this the best. Butterflies everywhere. .

Finally.........I got a picture of Trey with a character. While the night show was happening at Epcot we waited(very short line) to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. Trey would only take a pic with Mickey. That is okay. I got my pic!! Zane was asleep by this time so no pictures with him.

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