Thursday, April 9, 2009

End Of Disney

Spring Break Day 5:

Today was D-Day. Disney Day. The last day for the Hydocks to enjoy Disney for a long while. And boy what a day it was. When we arrived at Disney we were informed that Zane needed a ticket to enter. Ummm.....NO!!! I explained what I was told by Disney cast members at the time of annual pass purchase that he would not need a ticket until we renewed. That was wrong information we were told. They would not budge on this issue even though our passes expire in one day. We spoke to a mgr and then passed along to another area where we spoke with that mgr. DH was forced to be firm and raise his voice. DH never raises his voice. He is always calm and collected. Disney asked to to lower his voice but he insisted they were causing the issue and making him yell. When DH refused to pay for Zane's ticket and said the cast members mistakes should not be his financial burden to carry(meaning purchase a ticket) they finally relented and let us in. DH and I were very upset about this. We have never seen nor heard of Disney being so ungiving. So for the out families. A child who turned three during a family holding a Disney pass needs a ticket.

After this horrible encounter DH and I attempted to shrug off the memory and quickly got on a ride/show.....our very first ever at Disney way back a year ago.....Mickey's Phil Harmonic. This was the only event that did not have 1.5 hour wait. Yes......Disney was packed. For my friend who will be going to Disney on Friday(Good Friday at that....yes you D!) ......good luck and be patient. At times we could not walk through all the walls of people. I have never seen more security than I have this day. They were everywhere...watching and helping. DH went off to get a fastpass. Zane threw a fit when he left. He was crying very near me(within arms length) calling out for Daddy. I was ignoring him but watching him. A Disney cast member came up to me and asked if he was with me, who I was to him, etc. I have never been asked this before and my child has thrown better fits at Disney before. I know I was being paranoid but sometimes it felt like we were being watched. Crazy huh!

DH and I were able to put the morning behind us and have a good day. It is Disney after all.....the happiest place on earth. We will miss our passes but when we get them again it will be even more special because the boys(well two of them) will remember. They will know having passes is not a given thing but something to cherish for a while.


Heather said...

They'll remember these Disney Days too. Tyler still remembers his 2nd birthday dinner at Crystal Palace. And his 3rd birthday breakfast at Chef Mickey. He talks about them a lot. And he remembers Disney for sure!

I am shocked that Disney hassled you about that pass. Crazy! I'm glad they gave in and let him in!

Scarlett said...

I'm surprised they even asked. Usually if a small child goes in with an entire family of passholders, they don't even say a word, much less make a big stink! Sheesh! Glad you all had a good day and enjoyed your passes over the past year. We loved having ours and miss them. My boys are always asking when they can go see Mickey again. And I think they really will appreciate them more whenever we do get them again since it's been a while.