Friday, April 10, 2009

Beach Day Take 2

Spring Break 2009......Day 7!!

The boys and I along with Aunt Leslie, Haley and two of her male friends headed over to Holmes Beach again for some relaxing fun. The waves were not as high and rough as Saturday but they were high and the yellow caution flag was out. The wind was horrible today. We could not put up our umbrella although the guys in our entourage tried. I ended up holding a smaller one next to me because I needed some sort of sun blocker or I could not have stayed. The water was freezing. Leslie said that once you stayed in it for a while you got used to the cold and it felt good but it was still cold for me. Due to the high winds....sand was everywhere. It was not a fun trip home with all that sand in our bottoms, eyes and clothing. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves though.

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Debbie said...

I love Holmes beach..That's where we usually go....The water looked nice, even though it was chilly....