Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beach Life

The boys and I got home today from Treasure Island beach. My MIL has a time share(on the beach) that we use with her every year. My hubby and his family have been going to Treasure Island since he was about ten years old. Now my boys get to make beach memories year after year. And this year was no excpetion for the wonderful memories. This was the first year we got to go during the Fourth of July holiday. We met other families/people using the time share units. They were mostly from S.C. and Tennessee. And they were in much the party mood for the whole week but hey they were on vacation. Right? Their accents were quite the thrill for me and my boys. I found myself using a southern drawl the more I spent time with them. And we think we have a southern twang to us in Florida....compared to them we speak chinese. Evan and Trey made friends with a 7 year old boy named Patrick from S.C. We all made friends with a twelve year old boy from Tennessee named Caleb.

So what did we do the whole week. Swimming in the pool, going to the beach and repeat every few hours. DH was able to come for a few days. We love having daddy around so that was enjoyable for us all. I will post pics over the next few days as I have alot and I really want to showcase what we did for the week.


Karen said...

I love the last picture of the boys. It turned out great! Glad you had fun.

Andrea said...

It looks like you had a grand time - the boys have grown so much..look at Zane! He's such a big guy now like his bro's!

Scarlett said...

I love to see how much the boys have grown in the past year! Looks like you all had a great time. Don't you love that little floaty that Zane was using? I prefer not to use floaties, but we have the same one for Isaac when I can't really have my hands on him every second. He likes it because it gives him some freedom (from me!)

Holly said...

Great pictures!

I can't believe how much bigger Trey is from last year! He is almost as tall as Evan!