Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Since we were at the beach for the 4Th of July I wanted to make it a special day for the boys. Back at home we would have gone to the town parade and then shuffle off to my moms house for a family dinner gathering and watch the firework display by my uncle. So what crazy idea did I come up with..........4Th of July bags. My boys love bags to put things in and tote around so I thought this was a perfect idea. I even bought and extra bag for our new beach friend Patrick. Since Zane was napping during craft time I(his wonderful mommy) made his bag and presented it to him upon waking. He was thrilled.

Later that night we went down to the beach and watched fireworks. Do you notice the shirts? They were made with my moms group a few years ago. The boys still love them and they got rave reviews this year by the people at the beach.

Zane was more interested in the sand than the fireworks. Oh well...at least he was not scared.


Melodie said...

Ooh! Zane's bad is so pretty. Will you make me one?
Oh, and that photo of Zane playing with the sand looks so much like Katie to me.

Andrea said...

You know, Jen, Zane looks like he just belongs on the beach. Not the Trey & Evan don't but I guess with Zane's hair being lighter & longer he looks like one of those beautiful surfer boys at one with the sand & waves. He is really changing so much. All your boys are so gorgeous. Love the bags!

Alison said...

All your boys are so cute. I love Zane's hair.