Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ride Daddy Ride!

Once again it was a busy weekend for the Hydock clan. I want to give each event it's due space time on my blog so I will trek backwards for the next couple of days and give an account of the weekend events.

Today we skipped church(I know very bad....slap my hand) to see DH finish a bike race. DH has been riding in events for a few months and the boys and I have yet to see him ride. Since we were free and clear of church volunteering today I thought this was a good opportunity. The ride(not a race!) was in Venice at Sharky's On The Pier. The ride was called "Ride The Beaches Fun Ride" with proceeds to go to Livestrong - The Lance Armstrong Foundation. DH got up very early and headed out before us. The boys and I followed along at a more decent hour and waited for daddy to finish.

Venice Beach was beautiful. I have never been there before. We walked on the fishing pier. The smell of the ocean along with fishing and such brought back many fond memories of my childhood in Fort Pierce with my grandparents. The Pier at Venice Beach

The boys played on the beach. Evan ventured in the water.

Trey was happpy to be a sideline observer.

Zane was eager for the water but hesitant to actually go in.


Andrea said...

Wow - congrats to John! That's excellent. Both my Father-in-law & my Sister-in-law are avid cyclists and I give them so much credit! That's great for John

Scarlett said...

Yay, John! Great job! I love Venice too. Did you find any shark's teeth?