Friday, May 23, 2008

End Of Year Splash

Trey had his end of year splash party at preschool on Thursday. I am not sure who had more fun....Amy and myself or Trey and Ewan. As you can see we are pretty wet. I blame it all on those pesky little 5 year olds. They are ruthless with water guns.

Trey seemed to have so much fun with the water slide. It was hard getting him off. He loves flopping, sliding and jumping.


Andrea said...

That looks like an AWESOME time, Jen! I think that secretly you & Amy had a blast too!

Melodie said...

Okay, Jen, I think you need to stop posting pics of Amy and her kids on your blog. Tell Amy that if she wants to see her gorgeous boys' faces on the internet, she's just going to have to update her own blog.
Looks like you all had fun, though. Amy told us about the flying teacher incident, too. Wish I could have seen that!