Monday, April 7, 2008

Zoo #4

It is spring break around these parts of the Hydock world. That means keeping the kiddies entertained and avoid the "I'm bored" whining voices. So off to the zoo we went. I am numbering my zoo blogs so I can easily see how many times we actually use the passes the next twelve months. So far so good....once a month.

So how was the zoo today you ask? In Evan's words...."it was a great day at the zoo!!" Many animals, normally unseen, were frisky and frolicking about.
We saw the rarely viewed two toed sloth. The sloth bear was walking about and playing. The two Okapis were up front and center. One male chimp was getting a little too frisky with a female in broad daylight along with the male giraffe in Africa land(the kiddies did not see this activity...thank goodness!). Spring has sprung at the zoo.

Two Toed Sloth

Sloth Bear


Look for more spring break blogs coming. The Hydock clan is moving about this week.


Karen said...

Cool! I don't think I've ever seen the two toed sloth before. Glad you had fun at the zoo. I was thinking about going sometime this week also but I have to renew our passes at the aquarium so we may go there instead.

Scarlett said...

We never see the sloth out of the tube thing he's always curled up in! You got a treat today!