Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trey On the Move

Today was a busy day for the middle Hydock boy. The day started off with Trey having kindergarten roundup at his soon to be elementary school. Trey is NOT a happy camper about his new school. Evan on the other hand is ecstatic Trey will be at the school next year. We even saw Evan walking the halls at school today but Trey just hid from him. Poor guy......he better get over it because he IS going to kindergarten August 18, 2008!!

After the kindergarten roundup we had to hurry across town to Dinosaur World!! Trey and his preschool classmates had a last field trip. Hurray for us. It was a fun day with friends.

This is my friend(Amy for all that are unsure....her blog is to the right.....not that she updates it regularly...but I digress). If you know her then please help her. This is a picture of her smoking her last cigarette. Shocking to some...I know! But please oh please support her in this journey to pink lungs. Call her periodically and ask how it is going. Email her a hug. Give her tips on how to stay committed to a smoke free life. For goodness sake....just look at this pitiful picture and commend her for a smart decision....PLEASE!!

Six hours and it all came crashing down. Let's hope for another time and day. We are not giving up on you girl!


Melodie said...

Yay for Amy! Those cancer sticks are NASTY! I'd comment on her blog, but we all know that she's not going there.

Karen said...

She probably won't read your comment here either, lol. Yay Amy! It's about time!

Scarlett said...

Yay, Amy!!! I'm so proud of her!

Andrea said...

Congrats Trey for a BIG day! Yes, kindergarten is coming for a lot of way to ignore it (unless you are changing to homeschooling!). Change is hard but it can be a good thing.

THANK GOD Amy is kicking this habit! Jimminy Cricket...I have been WAITING to hear those words!

Scarlett said...

TAG! See my blog post for further instruction! ;)

Melodie said...

So sad that Amy couldn't even go more than a few hours without a cig. Yucky-yuck!