Monday, April 14, 2008

Animal Kingdom

Sorry it took a while to get this post written. I wanted to put pictures with the
post and I misplaced the camera cable. I looked everywhere for days until I finally asked the kiddies if they have seen it. Lo and behold...Trey found the cable and hid it in his room. Reminder to self: always ask the kids first when looking for something lost. They always seem to know everything in the house.

On friday of Spring Break the kiddies and I along with our friend Amy and her daughters Hannah and Chloe went to Animal Kingdom. It was a crowded day at the park. We saw a few things and had an enjoyable time with friends. We saw the Lion King and Finding Nemo show. The Bug Life show scared the kiddies to death. I promptly left the show with four screaming kids. They say never again. We also went on the safari ride. They loved this ride. We can not wait to go back again. Animal Kigdom gets an A+.


Holly said...

Why do you never take me with you??????

Scarlett said...

My boys love Animal Kingdom too, and Hayden refuses to ever go back to "It's Tough To Be a Bug"! That big can scared him to death!

Karlise said...

Didn't I warn you about that one?!