Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Parade

My whole family went to the Lakeland Christmas Parade last night. John surprised us and took the day off to be with sweet! The parade is a tradition in my family. I am so glad I can pass it along to my boys. They are Lakeland boys....born and half raised there. I had a friend(Stacy) and her kids join us this year. I am glad my family is pleasant and embrace my friends. I think Stacy and her kids felt relaxed and enjoyed themselves. I hope they can join us again next year. Some of the sights we saw at the parade were Elvis, Ronald McDonald, fireworks, the Grinch, dogs, horses, high school bands and of course Mr and Mrs. Claus.

On A Sad Note.......Our beloved pet ants did not make it. We had two left in the ant farm. Trey let them go this morning. They made wonderful tunnels and then died. Why... I do not know. We will send off for more ants and see what happens. So if you were planning to join our flock for a friday or saturday night ant watch you must wait a few weeks. I will let everyone know when they can come over.

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