Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monster Truck Jam

Saturday night was a night full of destruction, loud noises and total testosterone. It was Monster Truck Jam time again. This time around my mom and stepfather came along for the fun and wild night. Call me weird but I enjoy seeing the destruction of the trucks. Seeing them flip, smash up other cars and jump over ramps is thrilling.

We all pick out a favorite truck to root on during the event. Trey picked Blue Thunder and Escalade.

Evan liked Grave Digger and Taz.

I was cheering for Gunslinger(He won!!!!!)

All but one of the trucks smashed and had to be pulled off the course during the freestyle routine. This was the best part of the night.


Holly said...

I don't think I could enjoy myself at something like that because I would be worried the whole time that someone would get hurt.

Monkeys Mommy said...

Ben would be so jealous! Your boys get to do a lot of fun stuff...

Karlise said...

Tell Evan that Gravedigger has always been my fave!

Debbie said...

You have some great pics...Elizabeth loves MonsterJam....GraveDigger is her favorite...In fact, we have mucho toys (LOL!)

I showed her the pics and now she wants to know why I didn't take her...Guess where we will be going next year...!!!