Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crowns and Animal Kingdom

Friday was a day off of school for my boys. It was Fair Day in Hillsborough County. So the boys and I took advantage of the wonderful weather we are having and headed off to Animal Kingdom for the day. The day started off rocky. I had to make an early morning run to the store for milk. I buy three gallons of white milk and a half gallon of chocolate milk each week but somehow we still ran out early this week. So while at the I splurged and bought the Sweet Sixteen chocolate donuts. You all remember them. they are small, chocolaty and oh so yummy! While I was nibbling on one for breakfast my temporary crown fell out. Can you feel my agony?! I have been soooooooo careful not to chew on that side of my mouth. And I was not chewing on that side of my mouth when the crown fell out. So off to the dentist I went to have it put back in. I was unsure if we would ever make it to Disney. Well after it was put back in it felt so much better than before. I make a comment to the dental assistant about this but she just shrugged. My opinion........they did not put it in tightly or correctly the first time thus it falling out and feeling better than second time around. I will make sure I re-mention this to the dental office when I have the "real" one put in. So since I had no to Animal Kingdom we went.

We were disappointed to find out they closed early(5pm). But Evan decided we should park hop to Epcot after they closed. He and Trey wanted to go on the big ball ride again. At Animal Kingdom we tried to do things we missed the other times we were there. We saw the Flight of Wonder show(awesome) and went on the Dinosaur Ride(BIG MISTAKE!!!) Evan and Trey screamed the whole way through the ride and were hysterical when it ended. Never again they cried. We also walked around the Tree of Life and took pics with all the animal shapes in the tree. We walked right on the Kali River Ride. The water was freezing but they boys insisted on the ride.
My favorite part of Animal Kingdom is seeing the Gorillas and the Safari Trek Ride. I could watch the Gorillas all day. The boys had to pull me away from them. They mesmerize me.

At Epcot we finally got to ride Soarin. Every time we tried to ride it before the wait was over an hour. The time wait said 45 minutes but Disney staff said it would be shorter than that. So we went ahead in line. They were right. We waited only about 15 minutes. I was scared the first time riding it because Zane was not seated next to me. He was between Evan and Trey. I kept reaching over to hold on to him. And then there was the height factor I did not bank on. I am not scared of heights but I do not like them either. The boys loved the ride and wanted to go again. So I gave in. This time I sat between Trey and Zane and felt more calm.

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