Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Rendezvous

I had an easy weekend. Evan and Trey went to Rendezvous for the weekend with my mother and stepfather. DH and my uncle have stayed overnight at the camp a few years back. This is the first time my boys have stayed overnight and two nights at that. And this is the first time my boys have camped out. The boys had to wear period clothing the entire time. My mom had some clothing from my stepfathers grandchilrens previous years visits. The only problem that occurred was Trey's shoes. The shoes my mom had were slightly big. My stepfather attempted to make them tighter but that failed. So my mom bought him some shoes at Rendezvous but they kept slipping off his skinny feet. Eventually my mom told him to just wear his socks and no shoes. Oh My!! You can see from the pic the poor child has no shoes. Oh complaints from him.

The boys reported they had a grand time running around free and wild. They made a friend in the camp next door. My boys said they had a fun time climbing trees, playing with wooden swords, eating all they Rendezvous candy and meeting the Indian chief.

Visitors weekend for the camp is this coming weekend. The entire clan plans to attend. The boys are excited to show DH and I where they played and shopped.

So what did I do while they were gone for two whole nights. Nothing.....absolutely nothing. You all know me better than that. I cleaned and organized my house but you could not tell within an hour of the boys returning home. Oh least I can find things again.

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Karlise said...

Glad they had fun! They looked cute! I can't believe you didn't do something fun with just you three though!