Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Rendezvous: Take 2

Yesterday was visitors day at Rendezvous. My whole family visits my mom and stepfather on this day. Everyone goes for different reasons. My sister wants to get her yearly fix of fried tacos and homemade root beer. I like any flavors of the homemade sodas. The boys like the kettle corn, sodas and running around. All the women on the family like to browse the shops. Haley just like being with me and my boys. My grandmother likes to shop and buy homemade foods like butter and fried pastries. Uncle Carl....well I think he indulges the rest of the family and just attends.

We had a first timer at Rendezvous with us yesterday. Haley brought along her boyfriend of one month named Mike. That is the tall yound man hovering behind Haley in the photo below in case you wondered.


Rob said...

Great to read about your family and all the affection that seems to get spread around. I had a great unexpected surprise too this past Friday night. Two sons and their wives arrived unexpectedly wth bags of food and a birthday cake. They cooked steak outside on the barbecue in the 15' temperature. We forget what it's like to be young.

Holly said...

Mmmmmm, now I'm craving rootbeer!

Nice family picture!