Friday, June 13, 2008

For the Love of Crib!

What is happening in Zane's world you all may be asking. He is quite a busy kid. Let me tell you. He goes to music class once a week. He has speech therapy once a week. He plays outside nearly every chance he gets. He loves spending time with his friends Noah, Isaac and Ian.

Oh and yea..........his mommy is trying to have him give up the crib and sleep in the big boy bed with Trey.

This picture what I am working toward for the night time!

This is a much harder thing than I anticipated. Evan and Trey were not crib babies. They coslept. Zane coslept but after nursing he went to the crib and preferred it to mommies bed. The crib has been a wonderful place for Zane. He loves his sleep time. He never once tried to climb out of the crib. He wakes up in the morning and just plays until he is taken out........he loves his crib. But mommy thinks he is getting too big for the crib. He will be three in August. Isn't it about time to leave the crib nest!

Zane thinks not! He is being "forced" to nap in the big boy bed(the full bed Trey sleeps in and eventually his room and bed as well). He cries out that this is "Tey Tey's" bed. He cries out to sleep with mommy(the crib is in my room so he thinks he sleep with me). Eventually he falls asleep in the big boy bed but oh boy........what an ordeal. I am a nurturer so crying it out is not an option.

SHHHH.....don't tell him this but when we get back from the beach at the end of the more crib! DH will have taken it will mysteriously disappear. Oh boy.....I can't wait to see that reaction.


Melodie said...

We're getting ready to move Katie to a toddler bed very soon. I have already ordered her toddler bedding and tomorrow we are supposed to go shopping for the bed. I don't think we'll have much trouble making the adjustment since she already prefers to sleep in my bed or on the couch or loveseat. Of course, getting her to lay down for a nap without being "trapped" in the crib might prove a challenge.
Good luck with Zane!

Debbie said...

Thank you!!! I hear from others with advice and my ped. regarding letting them cry, etc. I'm not saying to give in immediately, but letting them cry it out is just not me...To me whether its a bad habit or a child's way of knowing they can cry and get what they want, its still not a nice thing to have them get that upset....To me, children that age do not necessarily really even truly know how to manipulate a situation...

Good Luck with Zane! I love the plan for when you get back from vacation...I hope it works....Sounds like it just might!!!

Melodie said...

They used to say that if you didn't let your child cry, they'd never learn to comfort themselves and they'd be spoiled. Of course, more recently, I've read that being there for your child when they need you helps them to become more self confident and less dependent on you.
I'm sure you'll do what is the right thing for Zane, Jen.

Scarlett said...

I have never been able to let my kids cry, which is why both of them are in my bed at some point during the night. AND Isaac is still in his crib. We are going to start slowly moving him in with Hayden very soon... We'll see how that goes...