Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Moments

This weekend has been quite the busy one. Starting with Holly's garage sale. I did not make much due to my two biggest items did not sell but it was a fun morning all the same. Here I am hard at work sitting on the couch that did not sell.

But as I was reading the local Brandon-Valrico Journal I saw a listing of kids who made their schools "Principals Honor Roll". I viewed my child's school and found his name. Wow...what a surprise. I never got notice from the school. He made the list because he had all E's on his report card. You rock Evan!!

Next on the agenda was Evan's baseball practice. His schedule is coming out anyday now. I will let you all know when the season starts.

Inbetween baseball practice was a bday party for Trey's really good friend, Ewan(Happy 5th). He had a Croc Encounter party. It was really neat to see all the animals and such. Poor Evan had to miss it but that is such the life of a baseball player.

When driving home from the bday party. Evan noticed Port City Java. He said his art teacher put his classes paintings on the wall. So we just swung into the store and saw them. Lo and behold there it Evan is so talented. So when you are near the Java joint close to my house(you all know the one) just stop in and view the masterpieces on the wall.

Saturday night Evan had a friend from school stay the night. He then went to church with us sunday morning. This is a "first" moment for him. I realized something in the process of the overnight thingy. Evan is way too young to sleep over someone else's house. Unless they are a really close friend or relative. Maybe in another year or two. But in the meantime Aunt Leslie has said she will have Evan over to her house during the summer. I can handle that!

Sunday brought the Hydock's to church and an Easter Party with our playgroup. This is an annual tradition for the group of probably four to five years. Here we are looking at all the goodies that came from the plastic eggs.

And last but definitely not least was DH's bike ride today. He rode 75 miles in the St. Pete Times Ride tour. I am so proud of him. He has been conditioning so much. He is readying himself for a hilly ride in the North Georgia mountains this fall.

Whew....what a weekend. Now off to bed.

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Holly said...

okay, love ya girl, but not a fan of your new colors. I find it hard to read.