Sunday, March 23, 2008


The finale to a great three day weekend.......EASTER!!! The boys were up bright and early. Easter basket were ohh'ed and ahh'ed. Then off to breakfast while daddy(a.k.a. The Easter Bunny) hid the eggs outside. Looking for eggs is so much fun. I love watching them run everywhere with huge smiles. Church came next. Then......the best part for my boys....Uncle Carl's house. My uncle spoils my boys and I love it. I remember Uncle Carl visiting when I was a young girl. He always brought so much excitement and fun to the house. I always thought he was the best uncle and now my boys get to feel the same way. They love Uncle Carl and all his full of life antics. They boys also got spoiled by their Aunt Leslie and Haley. They each got a basket full of goodies from them as well. Haley was not forgotten by her uncle and aunt.......she is my only niece!

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Andrea said...

It looks like the boys had a great Easter! So cute in their little jammies with their Easter loot!