Monday, November 2, 2009


I am giving my apologies to my loyal readers(all one of you). I have been amiss of my blog. I have thought many times of blogging but then I just don't. For no good reason other than I have been lazy. Procrastination is my middle name if you have not heard. Well.....I have had a reason or two for not blogging if you really want to hear(or read them). I have started substituting at a couple of elementary schools in the area. Only about two days a week. Pile that on top of my father is in a nursing home right now. My sister and I have vowed to visit him at least once a week. That is three days in the week I am super busy. The other two it seems as though I have had school activities or household chores. The weekends seem to fly by with church and kiddie activities. Whew......that makes one tired, unorganized and crazed mom. I am trying to get used to working and being out of the house so much after seven years being home. I am doing it all I just have had to put a few things on the back burner....blogs and friend interactions(yes I have neglected my human counterparts and they are grumbling ...can't you hear them!!!). But I promise my loyal and steadfast readers. I will not neglect you again(well at least not for 2009.....too many pic moments I must recap).

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Leslie said...

So sorry to hear your dad is in a nursing home! I hope he is comfortable and doing well. He is a cool guy.