Saturday, July 25, 2009


Scarlett and two week old Tybee! Melts your heart!

Zane has been playing soccer in a local kiddie group. The name of his team is the Giraffes. Isaac has been playing with him. Scarlett my girlfriend and Isaac's mom just had a baby boy named Tybee. Zane should have been playing with Noah as well but his mommy......well you just need to know her to understand. I do love her though. At least Noah is in the team pics. So now that soccer is completed I am unsure what we will do next with Zane. Probably take a break until his preschool starts in the Fall. Then I can regroup and decide.

Zane and Isaac

I dare anyone to get the ball into the goal!

Deciding who should kick the ball.

Ohhhh .......I got the ball!

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