Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The first blog!

I have decided to start a blog. I wanted a place where family and friends can come and see what is happening in my life with Dh and the boys. The boys are growing way too fast and I just can't keep up telling everyone about all that is happening on a day to day basis. Hence the blog. If you like the blogs please let me know. If you don't.....keep that to yourselves. I get enough criticism in life without hearing it from cyberspace. Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Title! I am so happy you've joined us in the land of blogspot!! :) I can't wait to read about you and your family!

Robert said...

Wow! The boys have grown. Zane isn't so little anymore. Yes, I love your blog. I'm happy that I don't have to join anything to read your blog.


Stacy said...

Yeah!! I'm looking forward to reading your happenings!! Especially since I don't have a myspace account.